Natural Stone Gives Your Space a Timeless Quality


Owner David Hetrick was born in Pennsylvania and spent his college years in Virginia and the Carolinas where stone is both prevalent in the outdoor environment and as a building material. So it’s no surprise that to this day, stone is one of his favorite mediums. Exterior Concepts creates elaborate stone and patio designs in many of our outdoor living spaces, oftentimes blended with other mediums with beautiful results.

Natural stone patios are often crafted from Pennsylvania blue stone or Tennessee crab orchard, especially when we incorporate stone into other aspects of the project like in a pond, fire pit or retaining wall. We will at times even blend different types of stone together in our patios, always with balance in mind, for a dramatic effect.

We take inspiration from Mother Nature when creating our stone and patio designs. We pay attention when we’re out in nature to how the wind and water have shaped boulders, and we try to bring a similar aesthetic to the stone and patio designs in our outdoor living spaces.

“We have an immense appreciation for the beauty of stone that has been around for thousands and thousands of years, and we think you will too.”