Melt Stress Away in Your Very Own Spa or Hot Tub


While our water feature designs often mimic nature, we also add spa and hot tub designs to our outdoor living spaces to add a more human element to the project.

Our hot tub designs are often built-in to elaborate stonework with waterfalls flowing peacefully into the space.

Our hot tub designs are often built into custom wood decks under pergolas, and we can incorporate misting systems above to create a more pleasant environment.

Our decks and patios are not just designed to function as “floor space.” They are designed multi-dimensionally and are also designed to be interactive. As you would have a cooking or dining area in your kitchen, a fireplace in your den, or a spa in your bathroom, we can incorporate one or all of these elements into a deck or patio according to our customers’ needs. In many cases this makes your outdoor living space the most desirable “room” in the home to enjoy spending your time in.

“Spa and hot tub designs not only provide entertainment, but they also serve a medicinal purpose, relaxing sore muscles and melting stress away.”