This is a job we had recently done in collaboration with Collins Construction. I consider owner Dean Collins the other great deck builder in the Tampa Bay area. Besides being a master of his trade, Dean has become one of my best and dearest friends. Our companies have collaborated on various deck projects over the last few years, and it has always been a pleasure working with him.

This particular project was a second story composite deck with glass panels for railing giving an open and unobstructed view to the bay. After the deck was constructed, our first job was to repair and reconfigure the existing interlocking pavers. In addition, two additional paver patio areas were added.

The next phase was to add a low voltage lighting system. To start with 12 micro LED lights were built into the railing cap (1 per section). The intent and end result was that these hidden lights would shine down illuminating the glass panels. Next, two post lights were added to each 6″x6″ post supporting the upper deck. These lights were mounted at eye level, shining down illuminating the interlocking paver patio beneath the upper deck. The third phase was to add 14 flush mount inset deck lights along both sides of an existing composite decked deck. Fourth and finally, several 50 watt spotlights were ran out into the landscaping. These spotlights were used as up lighting to accent many of the beautiful larger palms on the property.

My thanks to all my employees who contributed to this project, Dean for all the faith and the referral, and Beth and Eric for allowing us the opportunity to work with them.