Trick Mother Nature With Outdoor Lighting and Misting Systems


Outdoor lighting and misting systems are two of the tools available to alter and adapt the environment of each Exterior Concepts outdoor living space. A bit of playing Mother Nature, if you will.


When Mother Nature turns off the lights at nighttime, you can turn your outdoor lighting on. The subtlety of low-voltage outdoor lighting is an intimate and aesthetically pleasing effect, and it also allows the outdoor living space to be usable both day and night. By illuminating the space with outdoor lighting, not only are we changing the look and feel of our work with color, contrast and shadow, but also creating safety by accenting areas such as elevation changes.


When Mother Nature turns up the heat in the summer, you can turn it down up to 15 degrees with a misting system in your outdoor living space. We often incorporate misting system designs into arbors and pergolas because they provide a nice apparatus for design. Misting system designs create a much more appealing environment on hot summer days by emitting a gentle mist over the space.
“Outdoor lighting and misting systems are two ways to make your outdoor living space more comfortable.”