Koi Fish For Sale Add Color and Motion to Your Pond or Water Feature


At Exterior Concepts, we not only design and create amazing outdoor living spaces, we now can also supply you with beautiful live koi fish for sale for your ponds and water features in Tampa Bay, Florida and worldwide.

Koi fish for sale from Exterior Concepts cost of $150 per koi fish. Most koi fish we have available will be approximately 2 years old and 10.5 inches long.

Our koi fish for sale breeds include Doitsu-goi (black and red, white or yellow koi fish), Bekko (white koi fish with black spots), Asagi (indigo, orange and light blue koi fish), GinRin-Kohaku (red and white koi fish), Kawarimono (orange koi fish), Hikari-moyomono (brightly colored metallic koi fish), Goshiki, Kohaku (red, white, black, navy and blue koi fish), Kumonryu (black and white koi fish), Kujaku (gold, yellow, orange or red koi fish), Goromo (red and white koi fish), Gin-Matsuba (red koi fish), Showa-Sanke (white, red and black koi fish), Orenji-Ogon (orange koi fish), Platinum-Ogon (white koi fish), Ochiba (blue and orange koi fish), Tancho (white koi fish with red spots on their heads), Taisho-Sanke (black, white and red koi fish), Showa (red, black and white koi fish), Shusui (red, white and blue koi fish), Utsuri (black and white, red, or yellow koi fish) and Yamabuki Ogon (yellow koi fish).

With a wide variety of koi fish breeds available for sale in Tampa, FL and worldwide, we can provide beautiful moving accents to further enhance any pond, water feature or outdoor living space.

To place an order, please call 813.731.2792 or email us at ext.concepts@yahoo.com and provide your name, address, phone number and e-mail address. We will contact you regarding your selection, shipping details or any other information you may need.