While a deck provides recreational space, a gazebo or pavilion can provide an outdoor living space, complete with protection from rain, sun and insects.

Exterior Concepts’ gazebo and pavilion designs are designed from the ground up for each client’s unique needs. Whether a it’s a custom-built enclosure for a spa or hot tub, a screened or glassed gazebo or pavilion for relaxation, or even multiple-leveled roofing, Exterior Concepts can design a gazebo or pavilion that will both surprise and impress you.

Our gazebo and pavilion designs have been built over the vast array of decking and flooring mediums that we are accustomed to working in. Although traditionally they are built in unison with our wood or composite decks, we also build the floors with bricks, pavers, or even stone.

“Protection from the elements? Check. Retreat from the stress of daily life? Check. Our gazebo and pavilion designs are the perfect escape.”