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Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

David has a bachelors degree from Virginia Commonwealth University, and pursued post-graduate work from Philadelphia College of Art. David comes from a long line of carpenters, and has grown up with an appreciation for water and the outdoors. David has been in business over 30 years, and we work with all facets of outdoor living.

What are some of the services your company provides?

Exterior Concepts specializes in woodwork including custom decks, gazebos, pavilions, shade structures and pergolas; water features including ponds, waterfalls and fountains; hardscapes including stonework, interlocking pavers and patios; and additional structures and accessories including retaining walls, spas and hot tubs, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, misting systems, outdoor landscape lighting and custom landscaping.

How can retaining walls and other stonework help homes seem more warm and inviting?

Retaining Walls enable you to terrace land to make it usable and add outdoor living space. Stonework a nice medium. Using the same medium as the retainment wall is a nice way to balance the project.

What are some ways I can integrate walls, water features, and other hardscapes into my gardens and plants?

Water is movement, and a sense (sound). We like to integrate our hardscapes and our water scapes in order to find a nice balance on all of our projects.

What are some reasons I can utilize a patio on my lawn? Is it worth the investment?

Utilizing patios on to your lawn gives you more outdoor living space, gives you an extension of your home, and adds additional square footage to your home as well. More living space can be more inviting, and the space can be utilized for many activities. Rather than cooking in your home, you can have an outdoor kitchen. Rather than sitting by the fire in your home, you can sit by an outdoor fire pit.

In general, why is it important to include some types of hardscaping on my lawn?

Balance, functionality, and aesthetics.

Any other tips you can offer to someone who is looking to enhance the appearance of their lawn through masonry?

Masonry is simply another type of medium that is all about balance and finding the correct mediums that work well with your existing home.

What’s the best way for people to get in contact with you or your company?

The best way to get in touch with us if through email:, or (813) 731-2792, (216) 269-8051. It is also helpful to look through our website to get some ideas on your next project.

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