Exterior Concepts’ custom arbor and pergola designs include shade structures with a wide variety of options and uses, as well as a vast array of styles.

An arbor can be as simple as an entryway to an exterior project, whereas a pergola can be a complete canopy covering part of or all of an entire project. A pergola also provides a nice apparatus for the application of lighting, misting systems and landscaping. Our arbor and pergola designs are generally built in a variety of wood products. We have designed and installed them over custom decks, patios, ponds or just gardens and landscaping.

Aesthetically, arbor and pergola designs help provide the third dimension of height to our projects. A patio or custom deck is basically usable, livable floor space, and the variables that come into play when designing size are length, width and shape. Even though many of our custom decks and patios are multi-leveled, an arbor or pergola really adds the height that draws your eye to the third dimension that determines area.

“Arbor and pergola designs are ideal for adding a peaceful, serene setting to your project.”