We were given the pleasure of rejuvenating an older second story deck in Riverview, Florida. This particular deck had several different elements brought together. This project has truly come full cirle, from an interlocking paver landing, two flights of stairs, a durable Trex Select composite decking, a newly set hot tub, custom lattice work, and a view through custom tempered glass railings. Each aspect of the deck took careful consideration to design and transform.

Once the demolition of the existing deck took place, the true craftsmanship started to commence.

 The custom lattice is hand constructed on site from pressure treated 1″ x 2″ lumber that beautifully conceals the underside of the deck. There is also a double lattice gate at the private dock entrance that ties it all in to the home. The home owners wanted to integrate a relaxing, sunken hot tub into the deck.

This decision made the decking choice an easy one. We constructed the decking out of Trex Select composite decking. Trex brings many positive factors to the table, such as their 25 year warranty. Not only does Trex come in an array of appealing color options, but also it will last through many years of use and look just as good as the day it was installed. Putting material like this up against a hot tub, where water is a constant element, is a huge safety benefit to the customer.

With a second story view like this, how could we cover it with traditional railing? You shouldn’t, and we

definitely did not. We used a strong tempered glass, polished to perfection. Looking through the glass to see such luscious vegetation, while enjoying yourself in the sunken hot tub leaves most questioning why one would ever want to go back indoors.