When given a nearly blank canvas with environmental obstacles, it is not the difficulties that are focused on but rather the possibilities. Behind this beautiful home in Palm Bay lies a drop off into what seemed to be swamp land. The grass was gone, and just a few trees were left protruding in all directions.






After reviewing the possibilities for creation and brainstorming those ideas, we decided to construct a 3-tiered deck to account for the 36” elevation drop and allow the 4 existing palm trees to blossom through the deck floor. This seemed like the most natural approach to blending the house, deck, and backyard together with gestalt.

Project Manager, Shawn Sims, worked enthusiastically throughout the project, and took great care aligning the retainment wall with the house and sanding the beautiful curve along the 2nd tier’s step. The efficiency and accuracy of our project managers coupled with quality materials ensures a finished project that is functional, well-blended, and can stand the test of time.

Composite decking provided by Moisture Shield is our personal choice in building a deck of this magnitude and grace. It ensures the elegant appeal of a colorful deck over many decades with minimal maintenance. Moisture Shield’s composite decking, holding the original 3 patents on composite formulation, has provided a durable and reliable product and has not had a field failure for 28 years. Moisture Shield composite decking is designed and proven to withstand the world’s most extreme environments and is guaranteed under a lifetime transferrable warranty to do so. When decided how best to suit Rob’s needs we chose only the best to build with and Moisture Shield was an easy choice for Exterior Concepts.

With a clear sky and a beautiful rainbow over the horizon, this multi-tiered deck has evolved into an organic part of this backyard living space.